Timothy R Mahoney Photography - Home
One summer in the mid 1960s, Dave Sellers convinced his Yale Architecture classmates to move to Vermont. He persuaded the local grocery store and lumber yard to give him a line of credit; this line of credit, along with handiwork of a few dozen classmates, led to the first house in the Mad River Valley built in Sellers’ experimental style. His philosophy towards architecture is that the architect should be able to personally build what he or she designs. The Tack House, which had the back half of the refrigerator sticking out the exterior kitchen wall and a ladder, rather than stairs, up into the bedroom, would become the first of many unorthodox homes in the Mad River Valley that began the Design/Build movement. The Prickly Mountain, just east of Warren, Vermont, is dotted with homes like these that exude both charm and complexity. These images represent a tiny selection of the homes built and designed by Sellers in the Mad River Valley.